Ascension Stories #19: Alice Jump

Empowered by Effective Empathy

By: Brian Reinthaler

The ability to put yourself in another's shoes—to see the world through their eyes—may be the most valuable skill a lawyer can develop. In this episode, commercial and employment litigator Alice Jump (Partner, Reavis Page Jump LLP) sat down with Ascension to share how her path, from an inspiring childhood education to BigLaw in the 1980s, in-house in the 90s, and now boutique law firm leadership, has instilled in her an appreciation for empathy as an invaluable advocacy and business development tool.



See Alice (and her colleague, Nicole Page) in action in the AltaClaro Webcast, "#MeToo, Now What? The Sexual Harassment Debate from the Legal Trenches." Alice and Nicole present on and answer audience questions about workplace sexual harassment and the legal and cultural shifts necessary to address these behaviors and progress toward eliminating them altogether.

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For junior (and many experienced) attorneys contemplating strategies for career advancement, the dilemma of generalization versus specialization stubbornly lurks. Certain practice areas may require substantial specialization, whereas others may dictate at least some measure of generalization. Most practitioners have a choice to make, however, and resolving this quandary is more art than science.

For business owners, such as equity partners in law firms, customer acquisition cost is a crucial piece of information, and one that not enough attorneys consider as they seek to build their books of business, especially given how simply it can be calculated and applied to business development initiatives.

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