In the Wake of #MeToo (Part 1)

The Legal & Cultural Contours of Workplace Sexual Harassment

By: AltaClaro

Highly publicized revelations of workplace sexual harassment have rocked the entertainment industry, sparked a social movement and raised ground-shifting questions about workplace practices and procedures across industries.

Nicole Page and Alice Jump (name partners at New York law firm Reavis Page Jump LLP) have not only found themselves at the center of the legal matters surrounding these events, but have represented both employees and employers (and both accusers and accused) in a wide variety of workplace harassment matters in financial services, entertainment and other areas.

In Part 1 of this AltaClaro Expert Clip, Nicole and Alice place the current state of the issue in both industries in a historical context and evaluate the factors that have accelerated or slowed progress in each, all with an eye toward where we go from here (a topic they begin to explore in Part 2 of this series).


We invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 25 (12 PM, EDT) for a complimentary, live, interactive webcast (#MeToo, Now What? The Sexual Harassment Debate from the Legal Trenches), at which you will have the opportunity to ask Nicole and Alice your most pressing questions about these topical, highly charged issues. Register (FREE) here:


Setting Yourself Up (in Advance) for Success

Part 1 of this series ("Tips & Tricks of the Work Day") presented ideas to help you plan and organize your day at the office. The following items are aimed at the big picture, with the aim of setting you up in advance to achieve a higher level of effective productivity on your most important work.

You have worked hard, built a resume and earned your place at a law firm or company that’s the envy of countless other attorneys, and yet something is off. You’re struggling to stay motivated. You’re unclear about where you’re headed. Whether you feel a low-grade, chronic anxiety or a sudden chilling wave of doubt about your career, something just is not right and you suspect it may be time for a change.

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