Experiential legal learning platform AltaClaro and Latin American business school Universidad Francisco Marroquí(UFM) today announced a deal to bring AltaClaro’s Intensive Training Program in Mergers & Acquisitions to UFM's LLM in Finance students in Guatemala and Panama. " />

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Platform to provide practice skills training courses in M&A to LLM students

By: AltaClaro

New York, NY, November 30, 2017 – Experiential legal learning platform AltaClaro and Latin American business school Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) today announced a deal to bring AltaClaro’s Intensive Training Program in Mergers & Acquisitions to UFM's LLM in Finance students in Guatemala and Panama.


Augmenting the traditional learning model, UFM’s LLM curriculum sponsors students to engage in a certain amount of approved outside coursework and activities to count towards their degree.  AltaClaro’s Intensives Program in Fundamentals of Mergers & Acquisitions will now be included in this list of sponsored activities, in order to give students the opportunity to learn how to structure and negotiate M&A transactions from the U.S. practitioner perspective.


“Our university is constantly raising the bar to meet the needs of our students in innovative yet efficient ways,” says Helmuth Chavez, Dean of UFM’s Business School. “AltaClaro’s experiential learning model is consistent with our approach, and ensures that our students walk away with practical skills they can implement into practice.”


UFM’s LLM in Finance combines theoretical training and concrete application of knowledge in economics, finance, and entrepreneurship, and their interrelation on a global scale. AltaClaro’s experiential-based M&A course will allow students to build on this training and to hone their practical skills in these areas, while focusing on the specific considerations in M&A activity. The AltaClaro Intensives Training Program is taught by experienced U.S. practitioners in M&A transactions and will be offered to UFMs students over a 5-week period. UFM plans to incorporate AltaClaro’s training programs as a part of its ongoing curriculum and sponsor its students to take the program every semester.


“Research has shown that you retain more when you learn through small group and interactive learning environments, particularly when you learn through simulation and by doing," says Julie Ryan, AltaClaro's Head of Experiential Learning and the lead instructor for the M&A course. “This program is designed to maximize experiential learning and practical skill-building, and is taught by experts who focus on this subject matter day in and day out.”


AltaClaro’s unique approach to learning practical skills in the law blends learning by doing, simulation and interaction. Participants review bite-sized instructional modules, followed by short quizzes along the way, and then complete practical assignments between modules.   The assignments, which are based on actual deals of the type students are likely to encounter as an associate at a law firm, allow students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in context. Students assess deal structures, engage in due diligence, and review and markup transactional documents as if engaged in a real-life client representation. As students complete each assignment, they have the opportunity to go over results with a practitioner in a one-on-one virtual session, as if a senior partner was reviewing the work.


“We’re thrilled to bring the expertise of US practitioners to practicing lawyers in Latin America,” says Abdi Shayesteh, CEO, AltaClaro. “This arrangement reaffirms the need for experiential learning in practical legal education, and strengthens our commitment to lead the industry in practical legal training.”


About AltaClaro, Inc.

Through its proprietary algorithm, AltaClaro is an experiential learning platform that provides attorneys with universal access to interactive professional education taught by top practitioners including one-on-one or small group practical skills training, CLE and professional development courses.


About Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Founded in 1971, the mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) is to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons. UFM targets the brightest students for admission and it has the most rigorous entrance requirements in the country. UFM Business School has seven master's programs. Globally recognized for its innovative approach to professional education, UFM’s LLM in Finance is a master's degree designed for lawyers. It combines theoretical training and concrete application of knowledge in economics, finance and entrepreneurship, and their interrelation in the global field.


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