AltaClaro Learning is rocket fuel for legal skills training--learn from practicing attorneys using a unique experiential framework based on education science, with mock transactions and live feedback.

Education Solutions

For Law Firms

Get your associates billing sooner with our flexible, guided law firm training solutions. Plug in our materials and instructors, and we can have your solution up and running in minutes--or supplement our materials with your firm's resources; it's your choice.

For Universities

Improve employment outcomes for your students. Create innovative online practical skills curricula based on experiential learning techniques. Launch new educational programs to differentiate your school from the pack and serve your alumni and professional community.

For Professionals

Gain the legal skills you need to succeed--whatever your profession or practice area, we have guided upskilling solutions to fuel your career journey. Our experts can help you tailor a curriculum to your professional needs, then facilitate your progress to make sure you reach your goals.

Effective Learning With ROI--Backed By Education Science

Our 3-step experiential learning framework improves retention by 2X over typical online courses--with increased engagement, more practical learning, and less wasted time.

Step 1: Learn

Learn at your own pace, absorbing lessons in short, easily digested segments led by experienced practitioners.

Step 2: Do

Apply what you've learned to solve real-world client scenarios, using transaction documents derived from actual deals.

Step 3: Review

Deepen your learning in virtual review sessions with an experienced practitioner. Review model answers and ask questions.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are practitioners with outstanding professional and educational qualifications and demonstrated achievement in their field. All have significant Big Law experience.

Our Team

Our founding team has substantial experience practicing law in varied industries and environments, a passion for transforming legal education using innovative technology, and a track record of building dynamic technology companies.

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Law Firms

Flexible solutions to get associates practicing (and billing) quickly.


Innovative learning to attract the best students and place them in the best jobs.


Guided learning pathways to conquer new practice areas and achieve career goals.